Selsey Smugglers' Day Sunday 24th May 2015

Another BIG Selsey event

OK we get that this is a bit early, and that its nearly Christmas, but the next planned event for us is only 5 months away, and we want to make it even bigger than our brilliant D Day happening. So put this date in your diary and get in touch to tell me how you think you can help . 

 This could be a brilliant yearly event, with bands, street entertainers, stalls, music and oh so much more. SUNDAY MAY 24th. OUR FIRST "SELSEY SMUGGLERS DAY." WE NEED YOU. If you have a business or a shop, or just want to join in. and want to be a part of the big smugglers parade, please start planning it now. 
 This is going to be BIG. Lets put SELSEY on the map.

Use the map below to see our local businesses